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Pillow, Natural Rubber Shredded - Made in USA

Made with shredded natural rubber from organically grown rubber trees, this is a great all purpose easy care and washable pillow. One of our most versatile and popular organic pillows, it provides springiness with easily movable rubber pieces while giving good support without ear pressure. Best of all, it is not processed with toluene, benzene and other highly toxic additives.

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These deluxe shredded rubber pillows are guaranteed to be made from tested pure Latex Green rubber. Instead of using shredded mattress scrap, super soft dunlop cores are used making this pillow softer than competitors. Also, the rubber inhibits dust mites, bacteria, and mold naturally, an ideal solution for allergy sufferers without the allergy and dust concerns of feathers or quills - a great choice for vegans too.

Your new pillow will have the soft scent of natural rubber which will dissipate over time or after several washings. TIP: be aware that some advertised "natural latex" pillows that have a vanilla fragrance are using a vanilla scent that is made from a petroleum based product - you should only smell natural rubber and no other fragrance.

These pillows feature our 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects and are in the medium fill weight range. ZIPPED style only allows you to adjust fill density. Outer case is made from organic cotton damask.