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Pillow, NATURAL RUBBER SHREDDED.  From $55.  Made in USA.
Pillow, NATURAL RUBBER SHREDDED.  From $55.  Made in USA.
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NEW ZIPPED STYLE PILLOW CASE NOW AVAILABLE!  Select your pillow size and fill weight. Then select "zipped style pillow" to receive your pillow with a zipper rather than a closed seam on the organic cotton damask fabric. Knit fabric pillow casing is already made in the zipped style. Additional fill material can be purhcased to adjust your pillow to your personal comfort level.

Made with shredded natural rubber from organically grown rubber trees, this is a great all purpose easy care pillow. One of our most versatile and popular organic pillows, it provides springiness with easily movable rubber pieces while giving good support without ear pressure. Best of all, it is not processed with toluene, benzene and other highly toxic additives.

These deluxe shredded rubber pillows are guaranteed to be made from tested pure Latex Green rubber. Instead of using shredded mattress scrap, super soft cores are used making this pillow softer than competitors pillows and the rubber inhibits dust mites, bacteria, and mold naturally. The ideal solution for allergy sufferers without the allergy and dust concerns of feathers or quills - a great choice for vegans too.

We offer this pillow with two different organic cotton outer covers - a removable stretchy knit (shown here) or covered in our natural colored organic cotton damask fabric imported from Germany. The knit outer must be spot cleaned or lightly rinsed but comes with a zipper so you can adjust the fill and loft. The cotton damask outer fabric is non-removable (NR), but is completely washable.

Your new pillow will have the soft scent of natural rubber which will dissipate over time or after several washings.  TIP: be aware that some advertised "natural latex" pillows that have a vanilla fragrance are using a vanilla scent that is made from a petroleum based product - you should only smell natural rubber and no other fragrance.

We offer several different sizes to choose from for your comfort and needs - also a good pillow for kids and small pets. Combine with our dust mite barriers to provide a truly hypo-allergenic sleeping surface. These pillows feature our 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Made in the USA from imported organic rubber, covered in organic cotton damask fabric from Germany. See below for ordering and additional pricing information.

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