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Pillow in Organic Dunlop RUBBER, CONTOUR.  $115.  Made in USA. BBB Business Review
In addition to being listed with the BBB, is also licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.
License #H155971 
Pillow in Organic Dunlop RUBBER, CONTOUR.  $115.  Made in USA.
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The unique contour shape of this high quality GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic rubber pillow helps support your neck in its most natural position, relieving tension and strain. In addition to a chemical free sleeping surface, tension headaches, neck, shoulder pain and arthritis are just a few of the conditions that can be helped by the proper sleeping position attained from our natural dunlop rubber contour pillow. Airway blockage, a major cause of snoring, can also be eased. 

These pillows are processed without the harsh chemical additives of toluene or benzene found in commercially produced synthetic foam rubber pillows. The natural rubber from organically grown rubber trees will have a soft scent of rubber which will dissipate over time. No vanillan scent (a petroleum based product) or other perfumed scent should be present in your organic rubber pillow. 

Covered in our organic cotton stretchy knit fabric, the knit outer zips off for easy care. Hand wash and hang dry knit outer.  Currently available in a standard 15x20", queen 17x24", king 17x25". These pillows measure approx 5" at the back, 3.5 in the middle and 4.25" at the front. 

Features a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects and made in the USA. See below for ordering and price information.

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Your purchase helps to support small family farms and businesses here in the USA while helping to provide healthy organic living standards for you and your family.   619-741-8120 PST