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Pillow, Certified WOOL. From $59. Made in USA. BBB Business Review
In addition to being listed with the BBB, is also licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.
License #H155971 
Pillow, Certified WOOL. From $59. Made in USA.
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This beautiful deluxe pillow is filled with certified organic wool from healthy, organically raised living sheep. The sheep are farmed using certified organic living standards for food, care and environment while receiving plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

This creates a beautiful, pure and natural wool for you to rest on. Hand made in the USA, these pillows are encased in an attractive certified organic cotton damask fabric imported from Germany and filled with certified organic wool from New Zealand.

The fleeces are sorted, and washed with only hot water and vegetable-based soaps (no detergents, chemicals, or chlorine bleach) resulting in wool fibers that are strong and springy. A unique garneting technique maximizes longevity to minimize packing down over time and ensures that the wool fill remains even and smooth.

The fibers are then carded on a chemical-free, certified organic carding machine. No other manufacturer can guarantee the same level of wool purity as they send their wool out to be carded at regular facilities which also card wools that may not be organic on the same machinery. 

We offer a variety of wool fill weights and additional pillow sizes. If you want a nice thick pillow with good support, we recommend this one in either the medium or heavy fill weight. 3 year manufacturing warranty and made in the USA. See below for ordering information.

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Your purchase helps to support small family farms and businesses here in the USA while helping to provide healthy organic living standards for you and your family.   619-741-8120 PST