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MATTRESS PADS, ORGANIC WOOL FLEECE with Organic Cotton Back. From $270. Made in USA
MATTRESS PADS, ORGANIC WOOL FLEECE with Organic Cotton Back. From $270. Made in USA
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Ultimate comfort and a luxurious feel! Experience a plush organic mattress pad made from organic Eco-Wool that is so soft and comfortable.  Designed to be a natural alternative to a sheepskin, the deep Eco-Wool is woven into an organic cotton backing with an approximate 1 inch loft.  Both the sustainable lambs wool and cotton are certified 100% organic.

Add cozy support to your mattress without adding toxic chemicals or dust mite prone down and feathers! Relax tired muscles and get the good nights rest you deserve by resting on this exclusive mattress pad of organic wool pile fleece. Healing, breathable and great for circulation, this mattress pad will greatly improve the comfort of any mattress.  Also a great therapeutic sleeping surface for anyone who has to spend a long time in bed (i.e. bed sores) and can be helpful for people dealing with fibromyalgia. 

Wool helps regulate body temperature for comfort in all seasons. Wool is breathable, water, bacteria, dustmite and mildew resistant. Cover this mattress pad with a fitted sheet for warmth in winter and ventilation in summer to create soft comfort and air flow year round. We also offer a crib/infant size that makes a great baby gift. 

Machine washable on gentle cycle, complete care and cleaning information included and available in hard to find Twin XL. Features 33 ounces of wool per square yard. Certified organic cotton backing from India, combined with domestic US Eco-Wool and made in USA. See below for pricing and ordering information. 

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