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No goose or duck down, feather or quills in our organic pillows, or any of our organic cotton & wool bedding!

We are a proud supporter of USA made products and services BBB Business Review is also licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. License #H155971 
USA Made Organic Wool, Cotton, Kapok, Natural Latex Pillows

Your pillow should be replaced every 3 years. This time go organic!

There's an organic pillow waiting for you! Our pillows are made with a soft European organic cotton outer fabric imported from Germany, organic wools and cottons from the U.S., imported organic kapok or natural rubber fill.  No chemicals, pesticides, harsh dyes or other toxins means a healthy, safe and pure sleeping environment. Completely natural and organic, inside and out!

Our all organic product line of pillows offer so many great features over down and synthetics; feather and down pillows are homes to dust mites and cause allergies in many people, while cotton and polyester blend pillows can harbor bacteria, mold and mildew once they become wet. 

The benefits of eliminating that chemical filled pillow that you sleep on for hours each night will  help promote a better nights rest by allowing full respiratory function. It can also slow down wrinkle formation while helping your body to rejuvenate itself more easily.

Our wool pillows are naturally mite-resistant, mildew-resistant, water-resistant, feel great and are easy to clean. Natural rubber pillows used in our contour, shredded and molded styles are made from natural rubber that is toluene and benzene free. The rubber comes from trees grown in Sri-Lanka under organic guidelines and is manufactured to the purest level possible without the addition of harsh chemicals, pesticides and other abrasives. No fake vanillin scent either which is a petroleum based product. The contour and molded pillow also feature a stretchy knit organic cotton outer for an even softer feel. In addition to bed pillows we also have boudoir, travel size and ultra comfy body pillows available in some styles. See our FAQ page for more info on how natural shredded latex is created.

At No Feathers Please, we feature organic cotton, wool, vegan and natural  style pillows for you to choose from. It is recommended that side sleepers use a fuller pillow while back sleepers should use a lighter fill pillow. All pillows have a minimum 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects, other pillows feature a 3 year warranty against defects. Best of all, they are made in the USA! 

  • Kapok Pillows (VEGAN)
  • Natural ECO Wool, Woollie Ball & Certified Wool Filled Pillows
  • Cotton Pillows (VEGAN)
  • Contour Rubber Pillows and Molded Rubber Pillows
  • Shredded Natural Rubber Pillows

*Due to health and safety laws, pillows can not be accepted for return unless they are in their original packaging and unused. To test a pillow or other items for allergy concerns, please only open one small corner of the package and allow the pillow to expand. Pillows are vaccum packed to save on shipping weight. Check/smell the fabric to see if you have a reaction to the wool, cottons, natural rubber or kapok. 

Please visit the Policy section for additional information on returns or contact us at if you have any questions.

Organic pillow and bedding display

Buy and support products made in the USA!

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