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Organic Certified WOOL & COTTON MAT Pad. Priced from $327. Made in USABeautiful organic cotton fabric encases 1.5 inches of certified organic wool, hand tufted. Also available in a crib size - great baby gift! Made in the USA.
Organic COTTON MAT PAD. Priced from $149. Made in USA.REDUCED PRICING!! All purpose organic cotton mattress pad featuring 100% organic cotton. No wool and made in the USA.
Organic ECO WOOL & COTTON Mattress Pad. Priced from $285, Made in USAOur wonderful organic Eco-Wool mattress pad featuring hand tufting and 1.5 inches of wool inside the damask organic cotton outer. Made in the USA.
Organic ECO WOOL Puddle Pads. Priced from $133.00. Made in USAEco wool puddle pads made from US domestic wools. Not as soft as imported certified wool moi pads, but still organic and offered at a lower price. Made in USA.
Organic WOOL FLEECE Pad with Organic Cotton Back. Made in USA, priced from $265.00Sheared organic Merino wool fleece applied to an all organic cotton backing (not a sheepskin). Add a super cozy, soft and luxurious top to your mattress. This versatile piece can be used as either a mattress pad or a mattress topper for extra comfort. Also available in crib size, makes a wonderful baby gift. Made in USA.
WOOL MOI Pads. Priced from $149. Made in USAGreat all purpose mattress protection; moisture will bead up on this soft  wool pad. Easy to care for!  Wool does not harbor bacteria or mold. Super soft wool from domestic USA sheep, felted and manufactured in the USA.

ABOUT OUR MATTRESS PADS - It's easy to add a plush, protective sleeping surface to your mattress without adding chemicals from synthetics. Sleeping on wool mattress pads help to keep moisture and perspiration off your mattress, while helping to regulate your body temperature and they are so soft and comfortable. 

Beautiful, unique and high quality mattress pads offer not only moisture protection for your mattress but also provide a comfortable sleeping surface. Sleep on all natural, safe and healthy bedding and notice the difference you can feel from not breathing in chemical and pesticide fumes as you rest. Non-organic cottons are some of the highest chemically treated plants and stay in the fiber long after processing.

Because USA organic cotton is best suited for inside mattresses as batting or pillows, a European organic cotton damask fabric imported from Germany is used as the outer fabric for our organic wool mattress pads. Its high thread count is desirable not only for it's appearance but also to protect the wool inside from migrating over time.

Complete care and instructions provided. Custom sizes available (custom sizes may require a week or longer for manufacturing, especially during our busy winter months).

  • Wool filled organic cotton mattress pads (hand tufted)
  • Machine washable organic cotton quilted mattress pads
  • Water resistant wool puddle pads
  • Helps you to protect your investment in your mattress! 

Excellent value for the quality and craftsmanship that go into the manufacturing and the pure materials of these mattress pads. You will love not only the many health benefits from sleeping on organic clean cottons and wools but because they are so comfortable and well made.   Back to top BBB Business Review is also licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. License #H155971 


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