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Be sure your wool is organically obtained and chemical free! Organic wools and cottons are not treated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or other toxic chemicals.  Organic means safe farming and harvesting methods are used, soil is chemical and pesticide free, animals receive fresh air, sunlight and healthy feed.

Consumer TIP: Be wary of non-organic wools that say they are washable as they may contain dioxins which are produced by the chlorine bleaching.

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COMFORTERS: per California state health laws, these items can not be returned once opened unless there is a manufacturing defect. Please be sure that you have the correct fill weight and size before ordering. If you are not sure, please contact us for assistance.

*Check with us before ordering one of our comforters, mattress toppers or wool/cotton hand tufted mattress pads, if you need these items right away. These products are not always immediately available in all sizes and may require extra manufacturing time of at least 7-10 days. BBB Business Review is also licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. License #H155971 
USA Made Organic Cotton & Wool Comforters

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We have a comforter for you! Choose from our Organic Certified Deluxe Wool or Eco Wool comforters, both organically processed and certified for organic processing standards by Oregon Tilth.  Done in a traditional hand tufted style and covered in our gorgeous organic cotton damask outer fabric which is not dyed or altered. Have a partner that sleeps warmer or cooler than you? Take a look our unique Dual Weight/All Season Quilted Comforters. Made in the USA!

New to organics and not sure which to buy? Try our organic sateen starter line comforters that feature the same great organic Eco wool fill, but covered with an imported organic cotton sateen outer and made in the USA!  You will love the feel of the organic cotton outer fabric, the generous wool insulation and the expert craftsmanship. The quality will be apparent the moment you place them on your bed. 

Purchase one of our luxurious, certified organic cotton and wool comforters manufactured by Pure Rest Organics or Holy Lamb Organics here in the USA! You and your family will love the cozy, comfortable and natural warmth these quality organic comforters provide and the deeper rest you get when sleeping in bedding free from the chemicals, herbicides and insecticides found in commercially processed and mass produced cottons and wools. Many non-organic domestic cottons are some of the most heavily sprayed plants used for commercial bedding and these toxic chemicals remain in the plant fibers long after processing.  Read more about chemicals on conventional cotton farming versus organic.

In addition to the many health benefits of organic cottons and wools, you sleep better simply because of the natural fibers. The wool filling keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter because the air trapped between the fibers responds to your body temperature. Perspiration is absorbed and released slowly through evaporation so that you never wake up overheated or chilled from night sweats.  

Safe, hypoallergenic down and feather free comforters for you and your family will help you create a clean and healthy sleeping environment.  To extend the life of your comforter, we also recommend placing your new comforter in a duvet to protect it from dirt, wear and tear and to keep it as hypoallergenic as possible.

Both our organic certified deluxe wool or standard eco wool come from organically raised sheep on small USA family owned farms and practice and follow organic methods for land and animal management. We use wool from California, Oregon and Washington and these beautifully USA made comforters will keep you evenly warm and perspiration-free from head to toe.  See our guide below to help you choose the correct fill weight.

We offer 3 wool fill weights in both our Certified Wool and Standard Wool Hand Tufted styles. Choose your fill weight based on the temperature you keep inside your home during the night or on your preferred weight and feel of your comforter.

  • LITE/TROPICAL Weight fill - best for nights between 60 -75 degrees inside your home
  • MEDIUM/REGULAR Weight fill - good for nights 55 - 60 degrees inside your home
  • HEAVY Weight Fill - best for extra chilly winter nights where inside heating is kept at a minimum. These extra heavy and CAL King size comforters are not kept in stock and are considered a CUSTOM order and manufactured when ordered. Please contact us for additional information. 

Please see the product details below for more information. During our busy winter months and based on demand the processing time can be longer.

Long life, easy care natural organic cotton and wools. Simply hand wash, spot clean outer fabric or dry clean naturally (no water). Wool does not harbor bacteria! Air your comforters outdoors in warmer climates to freshen. During winter leave the bed open and let the air circulate over and refresh your comforters. Natural fabrics benefit best from fresh air and sunshine. Add a beautiful organic cotton duvet to protect your investment in your new comforter! 

We recommend the use of a duvet or other covering such as a blanket or bedspread with your comforter to help protect them and keep them dust free, clean and hypoallergenic!  Please see  important warranty information on Our Polices page regarding the use and care of our comforters. Back to top      


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Buy and support products made in the USA!

Your purchase helps to support small family farms and businesses here in the USA while helping to provide healthy organic living standards for you and your family.   619-741-8120 PST